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Elton Educational Services

Educational Solutions for schools, Teachers and Children since 2003.
Our company has developed a reputation for providing an exceptional personal service to our clients and teaching team.

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Has vast experience writing and conducting learning courses in School. We have a number of options for your school with video collections, Activity books and online quizzes. Our team can advise you on how to get the best out of your students and put them on the right path with online learning.

An exclusive, safe and secure

online English learning platform for your school. Add value to your school's English course with professionally made videos. Convenient for schools and parents to understand students' learning situation.

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We have been producing School Curriculum for 20 Years. We have put together a team of educators to bring your school the best possible English programs. Regular reports of students learning and engagement can be provided to school teachers for a simple and efficient way to monitor your students’ progress.

Our Videos can provide a comprehensive English curriculum for your School. Your Local teachers can follow the videos, see children’s online reports and utilise the videos and worksheets in the classroom. If schools are closed for any reason, the students can continue their learning with little to no disruption. 

The Videos have been designed for use both in School and Home. The themed videos are suitable for any child from 2-6 and even older if second language learners. The videos are fun and interesting, and students want to watch again and again!

The Videos cover many different themes with sentence structure, grammar, pronunciation and communication skills being taught each time. All the videos are designed and presented with a professional NET and puppet team. We use songs, stories and games in real life situations to enhance learning, expand understanding and give your students confidence in the world around them.

We will set up and manage your school’s platform. Your students can log in and watch a collection of videos at home to follow your school curriculum.

We can provide online quizzes to monitor your student’s understanding and progress.  Teachers can have access to worksheets and activity books related to each video, which they can use with their class. Engagement badges, certificates are also available.

The Videos cover a wide range of Early Learning themes and are closely linked to the UK EYFS Curriculum. Your school can choose from many topics with more options being added regularly.

(The world around us, science, nature, numbers…etc.)

We can produce Videos and Activities based on your students needs. We would be happy to discuss these options with you.

Our Team

Toby White

Toby has vast experience dealing with Schools, Curriculum and Children in Hong Kong. As a trained Montessori Teacher he understands the needs of the child as well as the academic standards needed to move forward confidently. As Mr Toby says – Academics is easy – its everything else that needs more focus.

Support Team

Fred and Jake are our ‘in house’ Puppet Team. They help with videos and have their own You Tube Channel. They love meeting children when they come to our centre.

I Rabbit Education

We use I Rabbit Education to produce and edit all our Videos. With this Professional team help is always at hand, our Videos and Workbooks are beautifully presented and easily accessible. We can even produce a Tailor made Video just for you.


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“The greatest sign of success for a teach is to be able to say. The children are now working as if I did not exist.”

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